A Worldwide Collaboration with DeepBlue

“We Need Your Voice… To Bring Them To Life!”


On the 23rd August, DeepBlue will perform a new piece, created in collaboration with you, the audience, for tens of thousands of people at Robotronica 2015. But first, we need your help. Hundreds of robots need your voice to bring them to life to perform onstage with DeepBlue.





Welcome to Week 4.Thank you so much for your AWESOME constructive feedback. It came in over the entire duration of Week 3 (22-28 July) and is being worked into the final draft as we speak. This week is about tidying, polishing and continuing to incorporate your valuable feedback. A final draft will be presented during this final week of the project.


Head to the Week 4 page to check out a summary of the feedback, and stay tuned for the presentation of the final draft.




The working title for this piece is “Signs”, short for “Signs of Cubic Life.” The music and staging of this piece is about bringing the robots to life onstage to perform with DeepBlue. It will be the second piece of a larger show that DeepBlue are performing at Robotronica. The duration of this piece will be approximately 3:30 min with a synopsis consisting of four sections.


Section1: Mystery, Enchantment

Section 2: Meet The Robots

Section 3: Breakdown

Section 4: All Together


Each week we will be working on creating the sounds and putting together the different sections of the piece. Visit the About page for a more detailed synopsis.







For more information about the project, including terms and conditions, visit the About page.