“We Need Your Voice… To Bring Them To Life!”


On the 23rd August, DeepBlue will perform a new piece, created in collaboration with you, the audience, for tens of thousands of people at Robotronica 2015. But first, we need your help. Hundreds of robots need your voice to bring them to life to perform onstage with DeepBlue.

Collaborate with DeepBlue composer, Dane Alexander, to contribute your voice and help create new music for DeepBlue to perform at this international event, unlike anything we have done before.



Check out the launch trailer:



Our next show is a little bit different. The DeepBlue you know and love will bring you lush strings, big beats, drama, excitement… and robots? Yes, ROBOTS!



Last year, more than 17,000 people flocked to Brisbane’s QUT Gardens Point for Australia’s first major international robotics festival, Robotronica (more about it here). This year promises to be even bigger! For more information about Robotronica 2015, head to www.robotronica.qut.edu.au.


DeepBlue at Robotronica

This very special performance is a bit hush hush, but we can tell you that there will be hundreds of robots onstage with DeepBlue, courtesy of QUT Robotics. They need a voice, they need your voice to bring them to life to perform with DeepBlue.


Collaboration Project

This collaboration project runs from the 8th July to the 5th August. To contribute, go to the page for the appropriate week via the menu bar at the top of the page. There are new ways to contribute each week, from online recording sessions, creating a sound palette for the composition; to reviewing and providing valuable feedback, helping to shape the piece as it is composed. The performance in Brisbane will be filmed and the music released online for our fans all over the world. Let’s get collaborating!



The working title for this piece is “Signs”, short for “Signs of Cubic Life.” The music and staging of this piece is about bringing the robots to life onstage to perform with DeepBlue. It will be the second piece of a larger show that DeepBlue are performing at Robotronica. The duration of this piece will be 4-5min with a synopsis consisting of five sections.


Section 1: Mystery, Enchantment

  • Setting the scene
  • Atmospheric, mysterious, enchanting, wonderment
  • Some illumination and smoke from the robots, but no movement
  • Composed in Week 1 and Week 2


Section 2: Meet The Robots

  • Playful, minimal theme
  • 3 different types of robots based on type of movement:
    • Smooth, jerky, spinning
  • Recordings from Week
  • Composed in Week 1 and Week 2


Section 3: Breakdown

  • A short breakdown
  • The robots onstage flicker, jitter and communicate
  • Recordings from Week 2
  • Composed in Week 2 and Week 3


Section 4: All Together

  • Layer up all the robot motifs – all moving together
  • Fun, but still a slight sense of expectation – something is coming
  • Leads into the next piece in the show
  • Composed in Week 2 and Week 3


Each week we will be working on creating the sounds and putting together the different sections of the piece. As the piece progresses, the synopsis will become more refined. This is merely a rough guideline.





Week 1:
A crowdsourced recording session to create a sound palette to give voice to 100s of robots onstage in this theatrical style performance.


Week 2:
A crowdsourced recording session requiring a different set of sounds to add to the sound palette.


Week 3:
Various drafts will be posted this week for you to listen to and provide valuable feedback. Your feedback will help to shape the piece as you will see with each draft update.


Week 4:
A final draft will be posted in Week 4. Depending on the responses from Week 3, the final draft may continue to be worked on and posted towards the end of Week 4. We want to make sure the piece is just right!


If you are in Brisbane, Australia on the 23rd August 2015, come and experience DeepBlue performing the result of this collaboration to tens of thousands of people (and robots). The piece will be commercially released shortly after the performance and become a part of DeepBlue’s touring repertoire. We will be filming the performance, so even if you can’t be there, our fans all over the world can still enjoy the result of this collaboration.



How does this project work?

This project is about you contributing in making a new piece together with DeepBlue composer, Dane Alexander, for DeepBlue to perform at Robotronica 2015. The project is separated into 4 weeks (Crowdsourced Recording 1, Crowdsourced Recording 2, Draft Feedback, Final Draft). Each week has different ways to contribute. Go to the Start page to find out where the collaboration is up to this week. Each new week will contain a video explaining the new ways to contribute. Follow the steps, complete the activities, interact with other contributors, and be a part of the DeepBlue creative process.


Why is DeepBlue doing this?

DeepBlue has always had a strong audience focus. From our YoungBlue workshops and inviting YoungBlue on stage; to our Electronic Show Programme (ESP), inviting audiences to interact with DeepBlue in real-time during performances. At DeepBlue, we are always looking for new ways to connect with our audience, to provide a unique experience for you. Our audience are very important, not just for their continued support, but also for their insight. You’ve heard the music, you’ve seen the show, now be a part of DeepBlue’s creative process!


Who is Dane Alexander?

Dane is an award winning composer and sound designer for theatre and performance. Although based in Brisbane, Australia, Dane works all over the world. He has been composing, arranging, producing and performing with DeepBlue since 2006. He has created some of DeepBlue’s audience’s favourite pieces, including Future Dream, Chase Theme, Alien and Gypsy Robot (an audience collaboration from a few years ago). DeepBlue’s drive to knock down barriers between performers and audience members inspired Dane to undertake a PhD in audience collaboration in music. This project, as well as being a professional project for DeepBlue, is part of Dane’s research. Did you know that DeepBlue started as a research project? We have quite a number of researchers in DeepBlue looking into innovative ways to bring you unique and amazing experiences, pushing the orchestra well into the 21st Century.


You may recognise this piece, Gypsy Robot, one of DeepBlue’s regulars. It is the result of the first DeepBlue Audience Collaboration. Have a listen below. If the applet doesn’t load immediately, right click on the applet and select “reload.”


Can anyone participate?

Yes, but you must be at least 16 years of age. A Facebook account is desirable for some activities, but not compulsory.


How do I contribute?

There will be a new way for you to contribute each week for four weeks. Some of the ways to contribute include online crowd-sourced recording sessions, critical feedback on the music in progress, interacting with other contributors. Subscribe to the mailing list on the left side menu for updates. Go to the Start page to find out where the collaboration is up to this week.


Subscribing? What kind of data does DeepBlue collect about me?

The subscription is through MailChimp. DeepBlue collect your name, email address and country of residence. Your information is not shared with any third party companies. You can opt out at any time.


Do I have to have Facebook to contribute?

No, but you will need a Facebook account if you wish to comment and interact with other contributors.


What’s in it for me?

We hope that you are thrilled by the possibility of being a part of the DeepBlue creative process. When you hear the song on CD or experience it performed live, you can be proud that you helped make it happen. If that isn’t enough, subscribers will receive a name/alias credit for their contribution. There are also some prizes. For more information, head on over to the Rewards page.


But, Please Note That…

By participating in this project, you accept the Terms and Conditions with regard to Standards of Behaviour, and Copyright. As the composer of the piece, Dane Alexander will retain all copyright. Your participation in this project is entirely voluntary and without payment or remuneration. If you do agree to participate you can withdraw from the project at any time without comment or penalty. Read the Terms and Conditions before agreeing to this.


Do I need any specific hardware of software to participate?

No, DeepBlue audiences are not exclusive… we want everyone to take part! To enable this, recording software has been embedded in the page for you to use. Just ensure that you follow the instructions to activate your computer microphone. Some may wish to leave more technical feedback with regard to instruments, scales or mixing, but all feedback is welcome and valuable, as we value our audience’s opinions equally.


When will this song be performed?

The song will be performed by DeepBlue at Robotronica 2015, in Brisbane Australia on the 23rd of August. The song will be recorded by DeepBlue musicians and released some time after that. Subscribe to the mailing list, or simply follow the DeepBlue Facebook page for updates.


This is great project, how do I tell other people about it?

Thanks. You can share selected updates directly from the DeepBlue Facebook page.


How can I get updates on the project?

The easiest way to stay updated is to subscribe to the mail list on the left side menu and follow the Studio Blog, which will be updated with new posts several times per week. Major updates will also be on the DeepBlue Facebook page, so be sure to stay tuned!


What happens to my contributions?

Once you have recorded your sounds, they will be sorted, edited and loaded into samplers to be used by Dane Alexander when composing the new piece. The sounds will also be uploaded to the DeepBlue Audince Collaboration SoundCloud account. A playlist will be made available on the corresponding week’s page for you to listen to.

Comments and Feedback:
There are opportunities on most pages to use a Facebook comments box to comment on the activities, progress or even have a discussion with other contributors. There are also specific questions asked by DeepBlue with regard to feedback to provide more focused feedback at times. All feedback is monitored, carefully sorted and taken into account to help create the best piece that we can.

Your contributions really do help to shape the piece.


Why doesn’t my sound appear immediately?

Be patient. It may take 24 hours, so best to check back the next day to listen to your sounds. In the meantime, be sure to have a listen to other contributions, too. We’re all in this together!


I’m having problems using the site, who should I contact?

For any technical questions don’t hesitate to contact us through deepbluecollab@gmail.com


Why have comments have been deleted and my sounds not been uploaded?

The team behind DeepBlue Audience Collaboration have the right to delete any comments and sounds without notice. This is to ensure that no material available on the site, in any way, harms another user or other party. The probable reason (however, not limited to) is that we deem the content in violation of copyright or that it is offensive due to racial, sexual, ethical and/or religious reasons. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.