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Hi! Well, the feedback has been finalised and a summary posted to the Week 4 page. I’ll be working on the piece over the next few days to integrate the […]

Hi! It’s been a good week. Lots of feedback coming through, and it’s really good stuff! I’m really amazed at the depth of the feedback. It’s clear that you guys […]

Hi! Can you say editing? Well, there was a lot of that going on in Week 2… but the results were really exciting! Almost 300 sounds were edited from your […]

Hi! It’s been a big week. Lots of sounds coming in and lots of composing happening. Even though the types of sounds are set, there is still such a variety in the […]

Hi there, so this thing of ours has begun! The recordings are coming in and are sounding great. Lots of different personalities in the sounds. I am looking forward to […]