Week 2, 15-21 July: Crowdsourced Recording 2



Press the record button below and record the four sounds for 5-10 seconds each. Once you’ve submitted, why not get your friends or family to have a go, too? The more the merrier!


Your recording submissions will be layered to form a vast wall of sound. The result will be used in the third section of the piece, when hundreds of robots power up and come to life onstage (synopsis details on the About page). Submit as many times as you like! Submission will be open from the 15-21 July.
There is no need to enter your email address again if you have already subscribed. If you are having any technical problems, contact us at deepbluecollab@gmail.com


Your recording will be uploaded soon.

In the meantime, have a listen to the contributions so far. If the applet doesn’t load immediately, right click on the applet and select “reload.”

We had a lot of great submissions from Week 1, but we can always use a few more. Feel free to go again at Week 1. Submit as many times as you like!