Week 3, 22-28 July: Draft Feedback

Thank you for your contributions so far! We are at a really exciting stage where you can hear a draft of what we have been working towards. Almost 300 crowdsourced sounds have been used in this draft!

Listen to the draft, scroll through the CUE LIST (below the audio player) and provide some constructive feedback.

If you are new to this project, be sure to subscribe to the mailing list in the menu on the left to be credited for your contribution and keep up to date.



Keep in mind that this is a draft, and as such, please consider the following when offering criticism:

  • It would be nice to have 4-5min for the piece to further develop, but unfortunately there is only 3:30min allotted in the show for this piece (there have been some comments about wanting the piece to be longer…), however, it does  transition into another piece and should fit within the context of the larger show;
  • The string sounds were generated using software, but will be recorded after the final draft;
  • Certain elements will continue to be refined (mix balance etc);
  • The synopsis has been further refined since the project launched;
  • Be open minded and use your imagination when reviewing the draft with the CUE LIST;
  • Be critical, but constructive when offering feedback;
  • We share a common goal – to create the best piece we can for DeepBlue to perform at Robotronica. And hopefully have some fun doing it!







Feel free to leave additional feedback or engage in a discussion in the comments box below.