Week 4, 29 July – 5 August: Final Draft

Thank you so much for your AWESOME constructive feedback! The feedback from Week 3 has been integrated into this final draft. Have a look through the feedback summary, listen to the final draft, scroll through the updated cue list, and leave some feedback.

Thank you again for all your contributions. It’s been quite the journey and it’s exciting to consider how far we have come!







What happens now?

The string parts need to be scored with dynamics and expression markings. These parts will be brought into DeepBlue rehearsals on Friday 7th August.

The piece will be rehearsed with DeepBlue, robotics engineers, lighting, sound, costumes, staging, choreography – everything required for this event.

The piece will be performed at Robotronica at Gardens Point, Brisbane, on the 23rd August. Stay tuned to the DeepBlue Facebook page for details.

After the performance the piece will be recorded and mixed in a recording studio to be released on iTunes and become a part of future DeepBlue albums.

Footage of the performance at Robotronica will be uploaded online for those that couldn’t make it to the performance.

Have a look at the Rewards page for details about crediting and prizes.



Thank you!

We started with an idea and a whole lot of record buttons… and together, we have created a piece of music. Your contributions have not only be vital in creating this piece, but also an innovative step forward for DeepBlue and the 21st century orchestra. We hope you had fun!



Has anything been left out? Feel free to leave additional feedback or engage in a discussion in the comments box below.